The palazzo of La Datcha Forte dei Marmi lies a mere 30 metres away from the coastline in the heart of a Tuscan resort town. The palazzo was built in the Classical style back in 1930. Oleg Tinkov invited the best architects and designers to renovate the palazzo, highlighting its architectural beauty, while preserving its historical look.

The palazzo has four floors. On the ground floor, there are two living rooms, a dining room and a cocktail area, a bar, two working spaces, a cinema, and a spa centre with a swimming pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a sunbathing terrace. The palazzo’s interior celebrates luxury and solemnity. Golden swirls on the furniture and lights, shades of pearl grey, gold and ivory, and natural fabrics are combined, to give the palazzo an air of ultimate sophistication.

The three upper floors contain eleven bedrooms, each featuring a dressing room and a bathroom for the guests comfort. In addition to the bedrooms, the top floor has an open terrace with a garden, sun loungers, chairs and a bar. This would be a nice place to spend an evening with your family or friends over a glass of wine from Oleg Tinkov’s private collection. During the renovation, our interior designers used natural fabrics, including linen, silk, jacquard satin, and batiste. Canvas and leather were used for the purposes of upholstery.

The Mediterranean cuisine in the palazzo of La Datcha Forte dei Marmi draws on the fresh sea products, fish, fowl, vegetables and fruits. For the La Datcha guests to fully enjoy the look and taste of our dishes, the chef is there to oversee all stages of cooking, from the purchase of ingredients to the serving of ready dishes. 

The palazzo of La Datcha Forte dei Marmi seeks to provide the ultimate vacation experience for the guests by creating a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. For Oleg Tinkov, this is not a hotel, but his countryside cottage. Your countryside cottage. The guests come together for breakfast on the ground or first floor, talking and making plans for the day. After breakfast, they go to the spa or return to their rooms to get ready for a walk, the beach or shopping.

On the first floor, at the back of the palazzo, there is a dedicated area for sunbathing and swimming. Having had a dip, the guests can go to the steam room or the Turkish bath to ease the muscle tension. After the steam session and the swimming, we will be delighted to meet you at the bar in the cocktail area and offer our vitamin shakes, fresh juices, tea, coffee, wine and appetisers. The cocktail area and the bar are located next to the swimming pool, so that our guests can soak up the sun with a glass of their favourite drink.

The palazzo of La Datcha Forte dei Marmi is only 30 m away from the sea. It has a private fenced beach for the guests, which is especially valuable in Forte dei Marmi where public beaches are flooded with tourists during the summer.  Reserved only for the palazzo guests and their friends, the beach offers 12 sunshade patios for the cosy chillout and relaxed sunbathing and a wide variety of water activities along with the relevant sports equipment, including water scooters.

The beach also boasts a 24 sq meter swimming pool. During the day, when the sun is too hot, the guests are invited to lounge in a refreshing jacuzzi, take a walk in the beachfront garden or even sneak into the Snow Paradise room. Here you will also find a bar offering cold drinks and snacks, and a restaurant with a stunning sea view. 

Needless to say, the beach provides all the necessary amenities, including showers and bathrooms.


  • Breakfasts and lunches

  • Exclusive use of private beach with 11 tents and all amenities

  • Soft drinks at the palazzo and at the beach

  • A private driver will be at your disposal twelve hours a day throughout the entire stay

  • Offer you to rent a Pershing 90 boat with a crew at a special price of EUR 3,500 per day 


  • 11 ensuite bedrooms

  • Cocktail area

  • Cinema

  • Spa centre with a swimming pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a sunbathing terrace

  •  Open terrace with a garden, sun loungers, chairs and a bar

  • Private fenced beach


  • Lies in the heart of a resort town, just a minute walk away from the sand beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and represents an ideal location for shopping, beach holidays and professional cycling.