Alladale lodge, scotland



  • FROM £15,680 PER WEEK


Alladale Wilderness Reserve is a 23,000-acre gem in the Scottish Highlands, about 1.5 hours North of Inverness. We work hard to keep this part of Scotland truly wild, by replanting lush forest and reintroducing original Highland plant & animal species. Alladale’s rugged terrain, dramatic glens, colorful hills, glistening rivers, and herds of majestic red deer will take your breath away.

Alladale offers three types of accommodation on site: the luxury Victorian lodge, two comfortable self/catered cottages, and a rustic bunkhouse tucked away deep in the reserve. 7% of our accommodation revenue is transferred to our partner The European Nature Trust. So by staying with us, you will contribute directly to a variety of conservation and restorations efforts throughout Europe.

Set against rugged hills and the country’s most northerly ancient Caledonian pine forest, the Alladale Lodge is the ultimate private getaway. This beautiful Victorian manor, refurbished by Laura Ashley, is comfortable and spacious. Its traditional design makes it a true Scottish home away from home. The property boasts a set of lovely extras, such as an in-house sauna, gym and pool room.

The lodge sets itself apart from other accommodations on site not only by its Victorian style and extras, but also by its fully catered and serviced character. 


  • Daily housekeeping service

  • Fully catered and serviced character. With a talented chef putting up amazing meals every day and staff to cater to your every need, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy an evening by the fire after a day of exploring the reserve.


  • Alladale Wilderness Reserve feels very remote at times, which is part of its appeal. But it is actually a great base from where to explore Inverness and the Sutherland area.


  • 7 double guest rooms with en-suite shower/bathroom

  • 6 rooms can be turned into twin rooms on request

  • Fully equipped gym & sauna

  • Baby grand piano

  • Billiard room

  • TV room

  • Boardroom with latest AV equipment